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Finnish innovative youth startups in eco-business

Youth projects in the ecological business can significantly improve people’s life. This can be seen from some stories devoted to successful Finnish youth eco-business projects.

Let’s start from the experience of two students (Anna and Evelina) who created the “berry” company Arctic Power Berries.

Their business idea was to deliver batches of dried crushed berries from Suomi to London. If you add such a powder in water or milk, it turns into pieces of full berries.

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London Metropolitan University helped Anna and Evelina to make their eco-business dream come true. The girls opened their online store, and buyers immediately tumbled down the shaft, because it is practically impossible to find wild berries in the UK capital. So, this tasty and healthy business thrives.

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Now let’s turn from berries to air cleaning business.

Young Finnish entrepreneurs (Aki Soudunsaari and Niko Järvinen) were able to bring to life a technical feature – Smart & Active Green Wall. Using it allows to clean the indoor air in 100 times more effectively than conventional houseplants.

The authors of the project explain the essence of their know-how as follows. It is based on the idea of recycling indoor air by the root system of potted plants. There are some ventilators at the top of the wall that return clean air back into the room.

Dozens of such “walls-air-cleaners” are already used in different countries. So far, the products of Naava (formerly called Naturvention) are suitable for use in offices. Also it is planned to create an option for residential premises in the future.

Finally, I want to tell you about Pöllöt company (its name is translated into English as “Owls”).

The founders of this business project specialize in the production of wooden eyeglass frames (from bamboo, oak, walnut, etc.) Two Finnish students of the faculty of agronomy and forestry could realize their idea, which turned out to be very profitable, with the assistance of Helsinki Think Company and the University of Helsinki.

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Wish them all further prosperity and wish all of you a lot of creative business ideas!


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  1. This is a great post, one of the things I notice is the reality of the innovation market today versus when I started out.

    The world of crowdfunding is amazing. But the ability of young people to get creative dreams out to the rest of us, well that is even more amazing!


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