“Fear of Change” is the only enemy of Change!

I’m so blessed yesterday. I received an email notification from a site that I followed months ago. In that email was a link to an article. And this is it by the way, “To Have What You Want, You Must Give Up What’s Holding You Back!”

It’s so valuable that it must be shared multiple times. It made me cut my hair short for the first time in almost 25 years. Oh well, that’s a nice push for me. I like the result anyway. Light feeling. No need to comb my hair, blah blah blah. No need to tie my hair, lol.

But hey, it’s “Fear of Change” that I’m so eager to answer with this question, “What’s holding you back?” Thanks to Ben. It’s a bless.

More change to everyone!

More new experiences too! 🙂

Remind yourselves to stay humble everyday. Ha-ha! If we can. Lol.

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