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Son: “Dad, can I ask you something?”

Father: “Sure, my boy. What’s happening?”

Son: “Dad, how much money do you make in the hour?”

Father: “Well, I think such things do not interest you yet. Why do you ask something like that?

Son: “I just want to know. Please, please, tell me how much you earn per hour. “

Father: “Well, if you really want to know, I earn $ 100 an hour.”

Son: “Oh.” (He lowers his head)

Son: “Dad, can you maybe lend me 50 euros?”

Father: “(extremely annoyed). That’s why you ask. You want to borrow money from me to buy some stupid toy or other nonsense. Not my friend. March into your room and off to bed! You should think about how selfish you actually are. I work extremely hard every day and then have to listen to such brazen questions in the evening! “

The little boy quietly goes to his room and closes the door.

The father sits down for a while, but gets the more angry the more he thinks about the boy’s question.

“How cunning my son is only! Ask me such questions just to get money! “

More than an hour passes before the father calms down and starts to think.

“Maybe there really is something that my son desperately needs. He asks very rarly for money. Actually he asked never before. Maybe he really needs the 50 Euro. Maybe I’ve wronged him. “

The father goes to the little boy’s room, opens the door and enters the room.

Father: “Are you already asleep, son?”

Son: “No, Dad, I’m still awake.”

Father: “Look, I thought about everything again. Maybe I was actually a bit too strict to you. It has been a long day, a lot has accumulated and you got everything. Here are the 50 Euro you asked me for. I am sorry.”

The little boy is smiling.

Son: “Thank you, dad!”

The little boy reaches under his pillow and brings out a few more crumpled euro bills. The father sees that the boy has already stashed money under his pillow and gets angry again. Slowly and quietly, the little boy begins to count the money and then looks at his father.

Father: “Why the hell are you asking for money if you already have one?”

Son: “Because I did not have enough. But now it is enough! Dad, now I have 100 euros. May I buy one hour of your time for this? Please come home from work earlier tomorrow. I would like to eat with you. “

The father sinks to the floor. He did not expect such an answer. He is shaken, touched, overwhelmed. He embraces his son and apologizes.

This is just a little story about father and son. A little story for all those who work so hard and long in their lives. We should not allow ourselves, in our tumultuous life, to miss out on what is really important. The people we love.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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