Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving – Reflection of the day

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.Psalm 100:4 NIV

It started almost a month ago. A lesson learned from the post of @alina65447354 about gratitude.

Then I started a morning habit, listing at least 5 Simple things that I am Grateful for. Part of that habit is reading the word for the day suggested by the YouVersion Bible app, in which time to time I share it here in Virily, and alternately in my Bitlanders  account.

For this morning, here the 5 things I am grateful of.

  1. Good health. I may not be in excellent health, but at my age (46), my blood pressure is normal, blood sugar, cholesterol levels are normal and I feel great. Perhaps, I could give tribute to my Aikido training for this.
  2. Online earning is slowly growing. I admit I am still quite far from my goal of earning at least $20.00 a month online. But my earning is growing everyday,
  3. Getting new ideas how to earn more. For now my online earnings are coming from revenue sharing sites like Virily, but I have new gigs/services in mind that I can offer through Fiverr and upwork that might just work for me.
  4. My family specially my two kids are in good health. Specially my eldest son who has a G6PD Deficiency (commonly known as favism).
  5. Part time teaching job. Yes, I teach part time for senior high. I used to teach full time on that same school, I quit a few years ago, this year they offered me a part time job. I accepted the offer for the love of teaching. I might even offer an online tutorial.


Image is generated by YouVersion Bible App.


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  1. 1. I wake up each morning, alive and kicking.
    2. I am healthy and energetic, enjoying meetup groups and hikes at 53, and I look much younger.
    3. I still have my cat at 17.
    4. I have my own place, cars, and food.
    5. I have many hobbies, which always keep me busy.


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