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Effective Ways to Prepare for a First Date

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Nothing beats the excitement of that first official encounter with your potential soulmate, the anticipation before the first kiss, the inconspicuous, gentle touch on the shoulder, the first shared experiences and the compliment shower. Of course, this is all provided that you don’t get any chia seeds between your teeth, or that your feet don’t start rebelling against your favorite pair of pumps.

So, in order to prevent some of the worst nightmare scenarios we all dread before a first date, here’s a must-do list to make your preparations a little less scary, and a little more romantic and focused on the lovely jitters!

Get your beauty sleep

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Why do damage control if you can prevent those puffy eye bags and unhappy pores with ample sleep? One night will not be enough, although it’s vital that you go to bed in time the night before your big date. However, make sure that you have a sleep schedule in place in order to truly reap the rewards of a healthy sleeping routine – balanced hormones, even skin tone, and no zits to worry about.

In fact, you can use an overnight treatment such as the Origins overnight mask or something that you already know that does wonders for your skin, since this is not the time to start experimenting with new products. You can do the same for your locks, and restore your radiance all around with the right nourishing ingredients! Think: coconut oil, argan oil, masks that contain clay, or something similar to quench your skin’s thirst and cleanse it properly.

De-stress and detox

For emotional eaters among you, do yourself a favor and treat yourself with lots of love and care. This is no time to panic or binge-munch on sweets, but to do your absolute best to unwind and prepare. Some popular strategies that have shown great results include meditation, which you can use to rid your mind of those chaotic negative thoughts and replace them with affirmations that boost your confidence.

Then, choose something that your body will adore, such as a calming peppermint tea, a green smoothie with tons of those wonderful micronutrients, or a healthy sugar-free treat that will help you stave off the cravings and still keep your sweet tooth happy.

Envision your look

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What’s this date all about, a fancy dinner, a low-key jazz bar, a gallery opening, a movie, or a surprise? We all know that the outfit and makeup of choice will heavily depend on the occasion, so it’s wise to be informed at least this one time, or ask about certain details that will help you pick out your look. Of course, the LBD is always a safe option, but you can also choose something bolder, such as a playsuit if you’re headed for a picnic, or jeans and a tee if it’s something more casual.

Then again, no matter the occasion, you can always pamper your pores with creams and lotions such as those found in the L’Occitane collection, enriched with nourishing ingredients for all skin types. You can always bring your favorite hand cream with you and refresh your look when it’s time to powder your nose!

Keep it comfortable

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On the one hand, you want to dazzle your date with your impeccable heel-walking form, but on the other, you don’t want to end up with callouses one hour into your evening. Now that you’ve defined your wardrobe selection, you should always keep in mind the level of comfort for the occasion. Ballerina flats are always a great choice for a variety of outfits, but a pair of Greek-inspired sandals for summer is equally appropriate if the event allows.

Then again, make sure to wear something you know fits you perfectly. So, just like with skincare treatments, this isn’t a great time to experiment and wear something for the very first time. Instead, go for your trusty Converse sneakers if you’re into that athleisure look, or anything else your feet will love so that you can focus on your date.

Ladies: safety first!

He may be the gentleman of the year, but you always need to be alert for any possible issues or threats that may arise. This is especially important if you’re going out with someone you’ve only recently met and don’t know that much about – hence the need to notify someone about your plans for the evening. Let someone know where you’ll be, when you plan to come back and when you’ll check in just in case.

Other precautions may include not drinking any alcohol (and definitely not leaving your drink unattended), meeting in a public place instead of your home, and making sure you go home on your own or have a friend meet you after your date.

First dates should first and foremost be fun and exciting and not stressful or a cause for anxiety, so do your best to prep your look as well as your mindset, and of course, stay safe. Hopefully, this will be just one of many wonderful dates to follow, so fingers crossed and have fun!


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Written by Claire Hastings

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