Easy, 6 Step Anti-Aging Routine

Fighting wrinkles while ensuring the skin is soft, clean and healthy? That can sound like a lot of skincare missions all at once, but by selecting the right products and following a regular skincare routine, your skin will be smooth and youthful, even if the little wrinkles already started appearing under your eyes.

Choosing The Products

1. Search For Anti-Aging Ingredients

While looking for cleansers, masks, and general skin care products, always check the ingredients. Although many have “anti-aging” written on the packaging, there are some ingredients that work better when it comes to making wrinkles disappear than others. Collagen, retinol, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are all ingredients that will naturally help in lifting your skin. These can be found in grape seed extract, coffeeberry and green tea extracts, pomegranate, Vitamin C and A.  A more expensive option are masks, primers, and moisturizers with gold in them for an instant lift, so if you are preparing for a special occasion, a mask infused with golden flakes will do wonders to your skin.

2. Consider Your Skin Type

It’s also important to consider your regular skin type. For sensitive and dry skin, try to find something that will plump your skin and make it more glowing (papaya and avocado are perfect natural ingredients for that). For normal and combination skin, most of the cleansers and moisturizers will fit you, just stay away from anything too heavy or drying. On the other hand, if your skin tends to be oily, look for witch hazel, tea tree extract and a water-based, light hydrating gel for everyday use.

The Routine

3. Three Easy Daily Steps

Cleansing, hydrating and taking special care of your under eye area: these three steps are the only ones you need to build a great skincare routine. Using a light cleanser, even if you don’t wear makeup is an essential part of every skincare routine as it helps get rid of excess oil and will leave your face feeling refreshed and clean. There are various anti-aging cleansers on the beauty market, which will also prepare your skin for the firming moisturizer, but if you have a regular one that’s already working magic on your skin, we don’t recommend switching.

Using a different moisturizer on your face and under eyes is a key part of a firming skincare routine as well. Your under eye area is more sensitive, so it needs an anti-aging cream created for delicate skin. Gently tap a few dots under your eyes and massage it into your skin with your ring finger. If your eyes feel more puffy and tired than usual, try out some gel eye patches too.

If you want to take extra care of your skin, a mask and scrub once a week will help your skin come back to life after a bad-skin day. For the scrub, try out one with olive oil and Vitamin C, and while choosing a mask, go for a face lifting or hydrating one.

4. Be Gentle!

We cannot emphasize this step enough times: your skin is more sensitive than it was during your 20s, so be careful with it. Even when you are using a scrub, make sure it’s not harming your skin in any way. When tapping or rubbing in products, always use your ring finger, as it’s the most practical for sensitive skin.

5. Use Sunscreen

Another important aspect is to always use sunscreen. Choose a primer, moisturizer or a foundation that has at least SPF15 in it to protect your face from damaging and other wrinkles.

6. Don’t Forget About Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth white will help you appear more youthful, even if you have a few wrinkles, as discoloured teeth are associated with aging and can make you look older than you are. Make sure your teeth are always pearly with the help of whitening toothpaste and occasional whitening sessions. You can easily whiten your teeth with the help of whitening strips (even if your teeth are sensitive) or with a full whitening kit.


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