Earth-Integrated Home of the Future

Check out this “earth-integrated” underground home. It is kind of like a hobbit house. The round glass things on the roof are the solar window skylights. There are wind ventilators, which brings in fresh air into the house on windy days. A woman remarked that it feels cool inside during the summer and warm in the winter because of the insulation. The building is made with ferro-concrete, placing white-powdered marble. Skylights brings in a lot of light. All the furniture has to be built into the house because they cannot really buy stuff for underground home. The refrigerator looks interesting and different. They even have a place for compost and garbage. There is also a small oval fireplace hanging from the ceiling and a huge rocky one in the family room.

It looks like the homes in space movies, like Star Wars and others. They made interesting sculptures in their yard. They all have a chalet house.

I guess the future will involve homes in outer space with flying cars and homes underground.


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