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You Don’t Have To Win Every time

There are no winners in an argument if a problem that caused it persist. I stressed so many times to my friend why I opposed to some ideas and that I have no plans to change my views, but for some clueless reason the same person insist that I have to adapt to his viewpoints because they are somehow better than mine.

First of all, this is a kind of an insult, because clearly an opinion and a personal taste should be excluded from any debate that calls for the quality analyses.

The thing that is clearly better for him, can’t or is not so well for me, and I don’t feel the need to explain why or to unload the mountain of the facts to back up my personal taste. It is not a scientific debate, we don’t need to make it an issue. No! It has to be blue because red is not acceptable. How fly!

Well, in a stiff situation like this, the best thing to do is just to walk away because you don’t really need to win an every debate. You don’t need to prove anything because this sort of the things is not your problem and you are not missing anything if you chose not to debate over it.


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  1. An inspirational post! Humans live together with a number of paradigms, which live in the subconscious or conscious realm, which becomes the compass of faith to the smallest behavior. Some became the center of wisdom, others became the center of narrow-mindedness. Which one is more dominant?

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