Does having Faith in God help?

Bible says that we should live by faith. Without God, “we live by sight” but with God, we “live by faith”. Having faith in the Almighty does help to keep our minds at rest and ease. We know there is someone who will take care of us. It is like a driving force that helps us to fight the battles of life.

Having Faith does not mean that things will turn our way the moment we fold our hands and pray. It means we have him with us, no matter what and he will not let us fall. He has his own timings and Things will be favorable only when he will wish them to be.

Until then, the faith in Him will help us to survive, fight and win.

What do you think?

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  1. Well said. Faith can move mountains. Faith can stop Tsunamis. But that doesn’t make man a vegetable or deer a vicious animal. All follow their instincts and live life as He has chosen for him. As Rigveda says it is unsure who created whom ….God or Man.

  2. Each to their own. I have absolutely no religious faith, and do not see any need to believe in impossible myths, but if it helps some people to have a faith, I would not dream of of trying to dissuade them.

    I only wish that some of the people with a faith did not spend quite so much time trying to do the opposite and persuade other people to follow their example!

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