Do you want to have Trump or Kim Jong hair style for free?

If you like Hair Style of the US President or the North Korean President Kim Jong and if you want to trim your hair like this, then do not let this opportunity be lost.

There is a Hairstylist in Hanoi Vietnam which offer Donald Trump and Kim Jong Hair Style for free, However, this offer is only until February 28. The Hairstylist free offer objective is to support President Trump and Kim Jong meeting. The meeting schedule in Vietnam City on 27 or 28th February and that’s the reason offer is kept limted to Feb 28, 2019.

Hairstylist says he loves peace and trying to preach as much as i can and this process is also a link to this regard. According to him, two family members were killed in the American – Vietnam War. The war is very hateful, there should be peace in the region.

Remember this Hairdresser’s is breaking the internet on social media. Citizen after getting a hairstyle, sharing their photo’s and Videos on social networking sites.


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