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Do you agree? CHOICE is the most powerful reason why you are who you are right now

Life is full of drama. We can always find many reasons why certain things happened, either it’s bad or good. But above all the reasons we can argue with, it’s always your CHOICE that matters. Without choices you can’t decide which one is which, but also, we cannot deny the fact that to make a decision or not is still a CHOICE that you must make. No matter how many choices you can choose from, if you won’t decide to make a choice, nothing will happen.

That thing that you do that makes you successful today and in the future is your CHOICE. To keep going and to fight for your dreams is your CHOICE.

To beat up yourself because you have failed many times in your life is also your choice; but to consider those failures your training is also your choice.

To feel disappointed when your family is unsupported is your choice, but to take it as a challenge to strengthen your courage to keep going despite your life circumstances is still a choice.

Either you are sad or happy today, you choose it. Whether you appreciate yourself for your effort or blame yourself and others for your sadness, it’s your CHOICE.

So, I think it’s better to say, always choose to choose the happy way! Cheers to your happiness!!!

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Written by Roselyn Mina

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  1. I couldn’t agree more on this premise. Every day, we are being given choices and we have to choose very well. Sometimes, we made a wrong choice. But we have to take all the responsibility instead of blaming others for the failure we had. For every choice we made, we should be ready to face the consequences.

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