Divorce Mediation- The New Alternative To Regular Divorce

Whenever you hear the word divorce, you then automatically imagine feuding lawyers, dramatic court decisions, and a significant financial investment. However, many couples wish to go through the process of divorce in a more amicable, agreeable manner and work together to reach fair solutions for each party. In these cases, divorce mediation may be the right solution. In a divorce mediation attorney Los Angeles, a mediator works with both parties as they discuss their needs and wishes for the divorce settlement. The mediator can ensure the court that each decision the couple makes is fair to each of them and they will not present additional personal complications in the coming time. He or she can also help couples work through divorce issues that may be difficult to talk about or face without the help of an expert divorce lawyer.

Some major advantages of choosing divorce mediation over regular divorce proceedings:

  • It is less stressful: mediation is far less stressful than the normal method of divorce as it requires regular court appearances, attorney meeting, and confrontation. It promotes mutual cooperation which is beneficial to both the parties. Less stress means no distraction and no burden on you as well as on your kids.
  • Less expensive: As the proceedings are simplified and the mediator does not require high priced attorney results in fewer expenses. On average the cost is around 50% lesser than that of regular proceeding. The rate depends upon the complexity of the case; however, a more complex case is still less expensive.
  • It is quicker and flexible: divorce mediation attorney Los Angeles may take time in some cases but in average it takes around eight to ten weeks. On the other hand, regular cases sometimes take more than a year of time. The flexibility allows for a swift and cooperative approach rather than an engaging one where everyone is left feeling exhausted and dissatisfied after the court trial.
  • It is private and confidential: when a divorce takes place, the news spreads like air in the ears of every people. There is no privacy during the case, for the people who value their privacy can opt for a mediator. The mediator handles all of the paperwork, signing, and filing and makes sure that privacy is not compromised at any cost.
  • It is child-centered: a significant benefit is a child-centered approach by the mediator. Due to the cooperative nature of the mediator, all of the negotiations regarding the custody of the child are done privately in the absence of the child. Choosing mediation may help your child to stay happy and well adjusted despite the new circumstances.

Divorces are usually very disturbing for both husband and wife as there is lots of an argument which goes on. However, in the case of mediation, there is usually less fighting and bickering during the process. Divorce mediation will allow a couple to cooperate in the divorce finalization, thus saving time. Because it is far less likely to result in a battle between parents, mediation is ideal for couples with children.


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