Discharging Lethal chemical waste like a spitting Cobra does Publicly: Faridabad

It is an eye opener to the sitting NDA government in center and the state government in Haryana including the Pollution Control Board of India that Industries approved in the Industrial area of Sector 58 of Faridabad openly discharging their deadly and dangerous Chemical Wastes without any prior treatment for the sake of Public Safety. The case is similar to a Spitting Cobra who does openly spit it’s poison without treating or checking where Public lives seem in the brink of an end.

Varun sheokand, the Man-in charge , a well known social worker of Faridabad did inform the cause of panic among people live nearby area. As  in the recent past it has been informed that the whole industrial sector – 58 of Faisalabad with local RWA and nearby residents and observed that none of the industry is following the norms/guidelines of Pollution department.

Almost all the industries in this particular area discharging there chemical waste in open without treatment which led to spoiling of  ground water and the entire near by  environment. Pollution department should check the quantity of sludge discharged and  also need to check the amount of sludge handed over to the registered firm by Common ETP plant.This process will clearly prove that the CETP is not working properly and its just a white elephant only to look into and enjoy without any solution. The association of this industrial area in nexus with corrupt officials of Pollution  controll department are consuming the funds collected by the industries to run CETP.

Many self observation like of Mr. Varun sheokand along with many other reports as  prepared and published by some nearby Voluntary Organizations and civil societies has neither seen in any media report nor taken up properly by concerned government authorities of this area which is a mile way away from the National Capital of India.

If any one after reading this report will go to experience this deadly pollution effected area of Faridabad. He/she must face not only  the poisonous air to breathe in and also will face heavily polluted water in near by area also.

No fumes extracting system/scrubber system to purify air is adopted by any of the industries due to which environment got poisonous day after day which is also  in knowledge of the pollution department officials. Consequently it is resulting some  deadly diseases like cancer, kidney failure, lungs infection etc. Even many people has died due to cancer in Jharshetli village situated along this sector. So I request you to take appropriate action against the greedy officials and owners of the industries causing water and air pollution.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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