Did COVID Change the Way We Travel Forever?

Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic hit globally, the tourism industry is bouncing back. Of course, it is a long way before full recovery, but people start to travel again. With the vaccination rates and new safety protocols in place, it is time for many to get their bags ready. 

However, there are some major changes in how travel works both locally and globally now. Wanderlust is not gone, but COVID-19 has reshaped the industry. Some of these changes are here to stay for some time. Here is how it may be different now.

Long Time Trips

Today no one is unsure about the efficiency of remote working or learning. A lot of professionals can work from anywhere with an internet connection. And students also have more opportunities in terms of distance learning, especially in colleges. 

Students are not tied to the classrooms anymore. Although many do return to offline education, the number of distance learning programs and degrees is quite high. And it is as easy as ever to submit papers and do the written works from anywhere in the world. 

No wonder many students prefer to travel for longer periods. They can safely stay in the new location and still be productive with their education. They have access to a multitude of online resources, like professional write my term paper platforms that offer online assistance 24/7. They can enjoy more free time and explore new places while experts take care of proofreading, editing, or writing their college papers. 

All of that made being a tourist for longer periods a significant trend. For example, Airbnb has already introduced updates that made this easier, including a Wi-Fi speed testing tool. 

Security Protocols

It is safe to say that many precautionary measures are still here to stay. Airlines are lifting their safety regulations, but masks will probably be a mandate for quite some time. 

Generally, people expect more safety protocols from the industry, and it is a good thing. Everyone is more aware of the health implications of tourism. People choose more credible providers and more secure accommodation options. 

No one is arguing that keeping new protocols in terms of cleaning and hygiene is a good thing. 

Local Destinations

In 2022, it is possible to go to many destinations globally again. However, many people still prefer to travel locally. This trend has been on the rise for the last two years due to obvious reasons. 

Some of the benefits of in-country tourism are:

  • It supports the economy and local providers and small businesses; 
  • It usually does not require flights; one can go by car; 
  • It is often more budget-friendly and thus attractive to students; 
  • It offers more outdoor and open-air destinations. 

Yes, the big cities are coming back as the desired destination. But going to a remote outdoor location is still highly valued by many. 

Over-Tourism is Ending

One of the good changes that appeared from COVID-19 is the end of over-tourism. Many cities and countries that experienced high traffic of crowds had time to re-evaluate their position on that. It is not worth it for many of them, and they are not willing to come back to pre-pandemic tourist numbers. 

Over-tourism is terrible for the environment and the destinations. And it makes the lives of locals much harder in many ways. For example, Venice introduced a fee to enter the city to combat the crowds. And Amsterdam and Prague city governors said that they do not wish to get back to pre-COVID crowds. 

Of course, this is true not for every location that has been loved by travelers globally. Some of them are waiting for the crowds to be back. But it is probably a good thing that over-tourism is reconsidered and fought against now. 

Increased Sustainability

During these two years of very limited travel, many providers and authorities had time to think about sustainability more. 

It was obvious now how much industry was impacting the environment when the buzz was down. As a result, more providers reshape their offers and entertainment to make it more sustainable and less impactful for the planet. This is one of the ways the pandemic made us better; we were able to see how different the world can be. 



The necessity to cut down on human interaction brought new levels of automation, especially in the airports. Such services as self-service bag drop or self-service check-in are available almost anywhere. 

The airports are much more streamlined now than they were two years ago. Today it almost feels like a standard practice. 

The next step will probably be biometric solutions that might allow going through the terminal without getting your passport out. In any case, COVID-19 has significantly boosted technological advancement in the industry. 

Travel Agents are in Demand

Up to 2019, not many people chose to use travel agents’ services for a good reason. One could book everything online and not worry about anything. However, in these couple of years, that has also changed. 

Today a safe and secure trip is often more complicated. One needs to check all the regulations and restrictions. There need to be various protocols in place. And finding good accommodation and transportation is more difficult. 

Due to that, more people turn to travel agents for help. This way, there is always someone who can help in case of any appearing issues or prepare tourists for new regulations or documents needed to come back or travel safely. 

Business Travel is Down

The business travel section was a big part of the industry many providers relied on. However, it is not bouncing back nearly as fast as the leisure one. And it might probably never go to the previous levels of traffic. 

Today online meetings and conferences are a new norm, and there is no need to hop on an airplane three times a week. 

Some hotels and providers reshape their offers for leisure travelers. 

In Summary 

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things, the tourism industry being one of the major players in that. Although people start to go back to their habits, some things might have changed for good. But do not worry, some of them are good changes. 


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