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Deja Vu Northeaster

Beverly, Massachusetts March 22, 2018

Spring is here. Well not really. Winter storm Toby slammed New York and New Jersey yesterday and now it’s  paying a visit to our neck of the woods. Welcome to Massachusetts…

Here We Go Again…

Just when the snow from last week has started to melt, we have new snowfall. I admit I liked Elsa in the Disney movie "Frozen",and thought Olaf was a pretty cute snowperson, but when will it end?

  1. I did some reading that there have been some rescues of either police officers who get stuck in the snow driving autos or animals getting stuck in frozen ponds.

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Serene View

March 20 was the first day of spring. A little more green and a little less white would make things a little more believable and bearable. Right now waiting for signs of spring is like looking at the "error 524" message that appears when the Virily site is down. 

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They haven't plowed our street yet. At least it's not blizzard conditions like the last Northeaster. Still I have a feeling this snow will be here for awhile.

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Pretty For about Twenty Minutes

I love the look of new fallen snow on trees. For a very short while there is a magical quality, everything is fresh and bright and new. It doesn't last very long out here. I was lucky to get this one early.

Beaches, Barbecue, Blessed Summer…

In 12 weeks white snow will be a distant memory and white sand will be the background for happy summer pictures. This photo was taken at Pavillion Beach in my hometown, Gloucester Massachusetts, the day before Saint Peter's Fiesta, the annual town celebration honoring the patron of Gloucester's fishing fleet. It's held the last weekend in June every year.

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