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We are a generation of fashion conscious people. We love to splurge on looking good. We spend money to buy clothes in excess just to keep up with the latest fashion trends. As a result, our closets are overflowing with stuff. Sometimes we keep hoarding clothes that are out of fashion because we had spent a lot of money on them or the clothes which no longer fit in the hope that someday we might be able to lose weight and wear them again. And as a result, we become hoarders leading to closet chaos.

We must declutter our closet at least once a month. Donate the clothes which you haven’t worn in last six months or probably will never wear again. Be judicious in spending on clothes. The best is to buy the clothes which you can mix and match. Same goes for accessories.

I am a huge fan of Courtney Carver’s Project 33. She limits her wardrobe to only 33 items for three months every year and dresses up using only those items. She puts up the list of her 33 clothing on her website and the list doesn’t include innerwear. She posts the daily picture on her instagram account and I must say that even with dressing up with only 33 items day after day, her look is hardly repeated. This is called the smart choice. She even invites her readers to take up the challenge along with her.

Some minimalists swear by the blue jeans and white/black shirts or tshirts. According to them, this makes dressing up so easier and they don’t have to think what to wear. Remember Steve Jobs and his signature turtle neck sweater! He preferred using his precious time in creative pursuits rather than wasting it on thinking about what to wear.

So in case, you are one of those whose closets are over-flowing with stuff, it’s high time to declutter!

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