Day of Dead People in Mexico

Saturday Oct 28 a parade was held in Mexico, which began to celebrate annual celebrations for dead people. This parade was held for the first time in 2016.’s-day-of-the-dead-parade/

This parade was held for the first time in 2016 and this idea was also taken from the James Bond series film ‘Spectre’ in which almost similar scene was filmed.

The administrators hope this parade will prove to be a great deal of inviting tourists, and the tourists who want to see local events will be attract towards it.

The theme of this year’s parade was immigration. The civilian government named parade to the refugees who died during ‘transit’. At the same time thousands of people in Central America are migrating in the form of groups.

This parade is usually conducted on November 2 when the family remembers their loved ones went away from this world. Their belief is that their souls return to earth. This ritual is celebrated in many ways in the Mexico region. Some people burn candles on their graves to pay tribute to their loved ones, Some offer their favorite food and flowers, while others make their monuments in their homes.

The skulls are also painted with color including clothes and body and these pictures are liked throughout the world.

Many of the attendants of the Saturday Parade painted the skulls and wore colorful clothes on them.

Despite heavy rain, thousands of people participated in the events in Mexico City and the parade was also broadcast on television.

According to local media, 1200 volunteers participated in this colorful and musical parade.

The prominent personalities of Mexico were also tributed, including singer shavila Wirgas and artist Fareeda Kahlo.

The past was appreciated in the parade, Which includes human sacrifice according to Ezekic tradition and the path of the first coming people in central America.

A similar kind of parade was held at Guadalajara, western Mexico.

Organizers hoped for the event of thousands of people for this event, including live music and creativity.

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