Daily Meditation on Life: Day 1

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Today, I decided to start a daily meditation practice, preferably in the morning before I start my day, to help me better organize my day. I didn’t use any candles this time, but I might use candles in the future.

My purpose in life since childhood has to do with what I have experienced and gotten since my toddler years because it made me the person that I am today. I have collected many things on the way, over the years, for different reasons, whether souvenirs, gifts, store-bought things I needed or wanted, or just gotten stuff from friends and family. I have all these items for a reason, and it is important to use everything for my purpose in life. Therefore, it is also important to take inventory of everything you have in order to see if you really need and use it, or if it is just there to take up space because you probably bought it to fill a void or emptiness in your life. Get rid of items you don’t need or use by giving it to someone who needs it, whether Goodwill, family, friends, or anyone else. And, just have fun with your life, seeking simple adventures and activities, as you enjoy using the items that you choose to keep.

Think about the gift given to you to accomplish your life purpose. Sometimes, when alone, you might feel lonely and empty, walking outside, window-shopping, and checking out inside of houses via lighted windows. Other people’s homes appear to be more fulfilling and happy, even though it might not actually be that way, and it might fill you with sadness and discouragement about your own life. You need to move forward from past circumstances that made you feel this way because it is always important to live in the present as well as live your own life.

A lesson learned from past years has taught me to detach and see the bigger picture in situations. It is also important not to reveal inner feelings when working in stressful situations but to remain calm and poised as you deal with situations. Don’t let anything faze you, such as stupid comments from internet trolls or idiots in society. Your experience and intelligence gives you clear insights so that you can better handle situations. But don’t be too analytical. Consider also using your feelings and being compassionate in order to be more sociable and relatable.

Reaching a transforming milestone on your journey is just a positive stepping stone toward your final goal. It is about enjoying the simple things in life with friends. Get together with friends, whether going out together, enjoying music or eating out, which will lead to positive bonding experiences in simple activities as you create your own cherished memories to reminisce. Seek unlikely places and expect the unexpected.

Notice what demands your attention the most, and create a To-Do list in order to help yourself accomplish your tasks. Be an independent thinker, but don’t forget God’s Spiritual Guidance as well as following certain traditional or religious teachings. Create more structure and discipline in your spiritual life by following God’s Messengers and their teachings about God, whether you prefer Messiah Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, or other spiritual leaders and philosophers who talked about following the right path in life. Such teachings tend to be filled with wisdom and inspiration. Seek the truth from the right sources.

Seeking adventure involves seeking people who are patient and generous, often offering friendship, love, companionship, comfort and food. Something good is coming your way. When you receive it, always be grateful because it is a blessing from God. Appreciate God’s gifts because HE wants you to have them for a reason. You just need to find out the reasons so you can pursue what God wants you to do with these gifts.

The lesson you will learn from your daily life is that chaos and havoc can teach you to better handle your current situation if you delve into the problem and work it out to somehow fix your situation. You might need to wait with caution before proceeding. Then, analyze the causes of such issues, chaos, and/or havoc. Rethink your current strategy so you will be more organized and productive. Don’t waste your time, energy, and skills on unworthy opportunities, activities and people because they will likely worsen your situation. Figure out how you can turn a negative problem into a positive asset in your life.

The gift you will pass on to others involves teaching others not to associate with stupid idiots who start petty disagreements and dramas. Ignore them because such dumbasses are beneath you, and they do what they do because they don’t have a life. Keep your moral value as you seek the right companion. It is better to be single and happy rather than being married and miserable with the wrong person just because you felt empty, lonely and you just needed someone to fill a void in your life.

At the end of your journey, you will realize that it is all about teamwork and cooperation in order to achieve a positive outcome or a particular desired goal. It can also be a more manageable and enjoyable journey when sharing and working with likeminded people. Be creative and have fun on your life’s journey. Remember, a journey is filled with fond memories, exciting adventures, exploration of  the unknown, and learning new things, while finally achieving a desired goal or aspiration might end up feeling like a short-term satisfaction. You finally got what you always wanted. Now what? Was it worth the ride or do you regret pursuing it after all? Live in the present and enjoy each day for what it is, as you try to make best of your current circumstances and get the most out of your situation.


What do you think?