“Current” Events from the Ministry of Degrins.

Yes, well I guess that cost me a week…

Great, green, glowing, grins o’ greetings, Virily friends!

Sorry about that, there was a calendar malfunction…

I’m pretty sure my new one won’t run out but, I haven’t checked.

While I read the directions, there this International Rally Race coming up over, the woods and through the river. Search Sno-Drift Rally for more. Or just check here next week, ( provided I don’t experience re-materialization incoherence disorder, again)…

But today, we’ve had a meltdown at Beada Beada and Fish Pants Dance Antics Ranch and you and me, well, any body, are going to help clean the barn chimney. Whoopee!

Easy there! I got the ladder, quit wigglin’ and just get up there. No I’ll grab the brush, you just get safe.

Oh, right, look out for the lightning rod. Sometimes we get “thundersnow” but, no, not so much “winter lightning”. Yep there’s the smokin’ blowhole but, hang on, let’s have a look around, it’s a pretty good view…

Cloudy and gray’s just the state of the day. I say let’s play so we’re not that way.

You can see that old wood shed’s half whittled away.

Do you know that fish with the mouthy sea spray?

Now I say the “front” but there’s been disarray,

Most know the river is what makes this soiree. Alright, let’s finish up and go get a “tuna melt”.

>-=^;>  I’ll Buy <;^=-<


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Written by Beada Beada

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