Cultivate Friendship because it Beats Money

It was a very slow day for me and I came in quite late with one thought in my mind. It is about the friends we chose, make or lose, and the ways it all can happen.

A friendship supposes to be something special because we all have a power above it. Who will we choose?

Because we can’t choose a family we came from or in many cases the environment we live in, but we can to a certain extend chose our friends.

The problem is when an environment is populated with the individuals that are nothing alike wear or the ones we have nothing in common.

How do we suppose to organize our life and work around it? Is it even possible to exist in such an ambient?

Yes, correct, our society has an order that guarantees a place, a work and an existence to all of us.

We don’t like in the dark medieval times where people were getting stoned, crucified or burnt for being different, even if it was some trivial detail.

But, we live in times that marginalize almost everything but money. That is really hard to see and to accept is even harder.

So, if you have a person that values more you than money, prestige, and position, you should value it highly. Those things come around once in a while, and they should be kept and cultivated at the best.


What do you think?

Written by agate