Crossing the Limit

Years ago, when I first met Sharon and she ran into me as if we had shared pencils in primary school,  my mistrust ignited.   I played sweet and nice and when she, for no reason, dropped me as if I were a bag of trash there was this inertia;  on one hand I expected it, on the other, well… no one likes to be dropped.

I didn’t see her for a few years, and when I did she was as sour as if I’d kicked her puppy.   I stayed as I was from day one.

I was a bit surprised when she came to this place, but not shocked that she would play the Bestie for the first few days, before dropping me.

Now that she’s bed ridden and I have absolutely no reason at all to go near her room, I don’t.

She phoned me last night, claiming she had letters for me.  The postman puts all the letters into her box as if it is the only place to put letters.  She told me she had ‘locked up’  for the night, I should collect them tomorrow.

So just before I ride out I check her and she says something that is a lie to explain her rude behaviour of a few months ago.

I didn’t smile, I played blank and left.

Having already played me as a yo yo, years ago and earlier this year, her time is up.  She gets no more chances.


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Written by jaylar

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