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Cozy auto campers and caravans – winter exhibition in Helsinki

As you know, modern inhabitants of Scandinavia and some other countries prefer mobile and unpretentious lifestyle. In addition, many of these people are fans of independent outdoor recreation.

If you also like such kind of vacation, perhaps it makes sense to visit Caravan 2018. This exhibition of motorhomes will be held in Helsinki from 19 to 21 January 2018. The motto of the event: “Don’t miss one more opportunity for your rest!”.

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There you will have a chance to see and examine in detail both new and used auto campers and caravans. All of them are perfect for comfortable summer and winter holidays. By the way, being in Finland during the summer, we often saw motorhomes at one of the local campsites. In which exactly? In a four-star camping Messilä (near Lahti).

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Application 1 (reminder): 

A caravan is a separate residential van in the form of trailer. It can only move on the hitch with the car.

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An auto camper is an independent vehicle with a living area, built on the basis of the minibus, light van, or light commercial truck (“house on wheels”).

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Application 2 (videos): 

Let’s get an idea about the exhibits of Caravan 2018.

And something about roadtrip in motorhomes.

Watching the adherents of the “tourism on wheels”, you can see that they have invented a special and very comfortable way to relax with their families. Among them there are both beginners and gurus, annually traveling in auto campers and caravans!


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  1. I envy noble people who have their own caravans. This is one of my dreams. Drive with a caravan. Here, by the sea, my favorite place is always full of caravans. Imagine the view. You’re getting up in the morning. At the rocks high above the sea you meet the sunrise, and in the evening you send the sunrise. Sleep with the whisper of the sea. Great idyll.

    • Very grateful for your comment! You described the real idealistic paradise!!! As for me, I use travelling on train as a much more closer camper substitute, cause now have no opportunity to buy it. Wish that our dreams about our own caravans will come true in the nearest future!!!

  2. If I were retired and had the money and also had a home. I would sell the home and buy the camper to live in. But that’s just me. My husband would probably not agree.

    • Yeah, share your thoughts 100%. So, we should find a way to buy campers without selling our homes! And to my mind, travelling by train is much more closer to this kind of trips, now I use it as a camper substitute.

  3. So cool! Did you do it too, Anastasia? Because I watch a lot of movies showing people living in a caravan since I was a child, I used and sometimes still dream to do that, unfortunately, such a thing does not exist in my country. The caravan is only available in tourist locations for rent as rooms such as hotel rooms.

    • Very glad for your comment!!! You know, I got an idea of this post after watching the family comedy “RV/Runaway Vacation” with Robin Williams in the title role! Unfortunately, didn’t have such a trip, it’s one of my dreams.

  4. I did this for a year when I was 12 with my parents, we traveled the whole US. I have also done this as a grown up myself and really love it. Great article.