Country Girl – part 25

The owner of the bar, not seeing Zelda,  hearing the arguments, entered.   He heard Zelda insisting that Av was her man.

Yvonne turned to the Bar owner and explained that Zelda was crazy.

The bar owner was a little confused.

Then Zelda began screaming, and becoming hysterical.   He called the police.   Yvonne and Hazel wouldn’t let Zelda leave the room, the bar owner told them to shut her up.

Many of the patrons were coming to look; including Av.    Zelda beganshouting for him to rescue her, claiming they were lovers.

Av was shocked, shaking his head, trying to say that he had nothing to do with her.   Dulcie was standing there, then saw the ‘collage’ in the closet.

The police came, took Zelda away.   Hazel went with them, Yvonne packed Zelda’s  bags.

As Dulcie stood there,   insanely helped Yvonne pack, she was told, about Zelda’s previous fantasy.


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Written by jaylar

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