Country Girl – part 22

Yvonne knew she and Hazel had to move fast, because Zelda would run if she knew they were on her trail.

They went to the Bar immediately and sure enough, there was Zelda.

Yvonne was the one to approach.   Zelda was set to run, but realised she had no where to run to.

Hazel came to her daughter, and speaking quietly, said they needed to talk.  Zelda didn’t want to talk,she wanted her mother and aunt to leave.

“What is going on, Zelda?  What plot are you hatching?  You going after the man again?  Huh?  You see he has a girlfriend so your appetite is ready?”

“Shhh…”Zelda said.

“No, I’mnot going to be quiet…”  Yvonne announced.

“Come…” Zelda said leading them to her room.

“Zelda,”  Yvonne said, “you are coming home with us.  This is town, if you cause trouble and something happens to you, there is no one here to look after you.”


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Written by jaylar

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