Country Girl – part 13

Dulcie entered the bar,   happy and grateful that Zelda had found her phone and kept it safe.    Her smiles and loud laughter attracted every eye.

Zelda acted so shy and sweet, but looked exhausted.  The sweat stains on her dress made Dulcie think Zelda was being worked to death.

Dulcie offered a reward, but Zelda refused to take it.

Not knowing what to do, needing to get back to work, Dulice left,  saying that she and Av would be there that evening.

When Dulcie left, Zelda considered  her strategy.  So far, nothing was working.

When she was at Martha’s Shop she’d smile at Av, sometimes she’d lean over to catch his eye, but he’d never gave her a smile.    Since she’d been working at the bar she’d done everything to catch his eyes, and still failure.

Zelda had considered appearing ragged and overworked, but she didn’t know if they could afford to hire her as a maid.   Although that had been her strategy… it might backfire.

Zelda went  upstairs to shower, change, fix up herself, and see what came next..

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Written by jaylar

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