Country Girl – part 1

There was one thorn in the rose that was the marriage of Dotty and Phil;  that was his sister, Minna.

Every few months Minna would pop in tostay with them while she did business in the city.  She had more  issues than a magazine;  from what she ate to how it was cooked, to  the sheets on the bed to the soap in the bathroom.

She would stress Dotty to the max, and when she left it took days for Dotty to get back to herself.

She thought of many ways to preven  tMinna from staying with them, from burning the house down to turning the spare bedroom into a rental, when the solution popped.

Dotty had a cousin, Hazel, who had a daughter, Zelda, who was constantly causing embarrassment.  Dotty didn’t ask for particulars, she wasn’t even listening to Hazel until…

Hazel begged Dotty to Zelda to town, help her get a job and get organised.

This would be perfect.

Dotty would be doing a good deed, Zelda  would stay with them for a time, get her life in order, move on, and the fact that Minna wouldn’t be able to stay would have her making other arrangements.

What Dotty hoped was that Zelda would stay a few months, and Minna, thwarted two, maybe three times, would find somewhere else to camp.

When Phil got home, after dinner, she spoke to him about the disturbing call she had from Hazel, and how she wanted to help, and she went on and on until Phil suggested that Zelda come to the city to stay with them.

Which is what Dotty expected.


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Written by jaylar

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