Country Girl – 17

Hazel, Zelda’s mother took Martha’s number, put it one side.  She had put up with Zelda for twenty one years, so was accustomed to the tone people used when they spoke of her.

She hoped Zelda hadn’t stolen anything from cousin Dottie, or if stealing, stole anything of value.   She didn’t think Zelda would make a play for Phil, for he was old enough to be her father.

She’d call this ‘Martha’ person tomorrow or so.

Hazel was not really surprised that Zelda didn’t call her.   After all, telling your daughter she was possessed by demons doesn’t gain much love.

Still, her daughter had a job, in the city. And had her own place.  Hazel told herself that Zelda was busy working and didn’t have time to call home.

Then Hazel turned to matters at hand and put Zelda out of her thoughts. She found herself much more relaxed when she didn’t think of her daughter.


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Written by jaylar

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