Could Drinking A Little Wine Cause Fainting In The Elderly?

Of course we all know that drinking anything with alcohol in it could cause fainting if it was done in large amounts, but this is of a different nature.

I am writing this post for awareness,  so people with elderly loved ones may ponder upon  this title. I know someone that is elderly, and she tends to have fainting spells from time to time. The person I am referring to has went into the hospital more than once due to fainting.

Yesterday we got a call from someone telling us a loved one was in the hospital due to fainting in church. When we went to this person’s apartment my husband and I found wine in her refrigerator. She just drinks a little every so often. 

I had an intuition that maybe her medications do not mix with alcohol. She had an infection so bad once she had to have surgery to get a sample from her lung, because she could not hack it up. She did have an infection. She was fainting then too. The infection I know was not caused by drinking wine, but it could have made it worse due to that fact.

Something inside of me wants her doctor to know of her drinking a little wine, and see if that could cause her to faint. i am afraid she could be driving the next time she has a fainting spell. She is 88 years old.

Always be aware of everything that revolves around the person that has been admitted to the hospital. Their habits could lead to a solution. We will hopefully find out today why she keeps fainting. 


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