Comparison between Airbrush Makeup and Traditional – Which is best

Makeup has developed a lot, these days. Gone are the days when a slick and oily foundation prevailed in the market, and lack of option determined what persons wore. Now, we have a wide variety of products at disposal that range from oil-free, medicated, non-transferable and even makeup that claims to make skin look younger! With so many types of makeup, persons find difficulty on which makeup artist should be chosen. Here we discuss about Airbrush makeup and Traditional makeup and this article will help you decide which artist to choose.

Airbrush makeup

This is a light-weight makeup applying through an air gun machine, which produces a think, equal layer of makeup and also makes a better finish. Airbrush makeup is very popular because it offers perfect complexion and a flawless finish on every part of the body. This makeup is non-transferable, meaning that minor rubbing or brushing against something won’t cause the makeup to chip off of the face. Airbrush makeup is widely used to disguise tattoos or any unwanted skin imperfections or discoloration.

Advantages of Airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup has many advantages that make it a preferred choice of models and celebrities. It won’t transfer when dry rubbing and it won’t go off until you wash it. If you go to attend an event where you need to be positive, airbrush makeup will keep you dry and offer you that red carpet finish that you always wanted.

Drawbacks of Airbrush makeup

You may run the risk of your airbrush makeup streaking when it gets wet through sweating or crying. If you feel this happening, do blot and don’t wipe. To avoid such situations from happening you must be aware of any wetness and dab your tear ducts and stay cool so that you won’t sweat heavily.

Traditional Makeup

Traditional makeup includes applying pancake, pressed powder, cream or liquid with finger tips or sponge. This makeup is available in every shade and is also the versatile makeup type. Traditional makeup can be as basic as a sheer shade of coverage or mixed with other elements to make a makeup that cover particular issues.

Advantages of Traditional Makeup

Drawing the best from traditional makeup depends on the formula and the way of applying it. Even a high quality, good makeup can look dreadful if applied in a sloppy manner. And, a cheap, inappropriate formula can be adjusted with an expert makeup artist to produce the right look.

Drawbacks of Traditional makeup

Like airbrush makeup, traditional makeup generally does rub off a bit or fade a little across the day. This makeup is highly bendable hence anything can be fixed within short time.

You have to consult with your makeup artist your face complexion and suitability of the particular makeup with your face as well as for the special day. Most makeup artists prefer and recommend Traditional makeup because of its versatility. Hence, it is popularly used for wedding makeup.


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