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Communicating over time zones

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Good Mornevenite (Morn- eve – nite)

Where ever you are in the world, whatever the time of day and regardless of the weather, may I wish you a wonderful, happy day.

I’ll start with the title I have given this post, Mornevenite. A word I concocted to satisfy myself, when speaking with my many friends around the globe.

You see, I want to wish you all well, as I have in the first few lines of this post.

But I do not want to explain or justify, each time I write, my use of set terminology such as ‘morning’ or ‘evening’.

I may well be writing this at 6 AM, or 6 PM, yet that bears absolutely no relevance to the time you read my words.

You may be reading this post over breakfast on the day I post it; or I may have posted this three months before you come to read it… at two o’clock in the morning, on a night you could not sleep. While you lay, wide awake, scrolling back, looking for all the posts you missed, or for something interesting to capture your attention and stumble over this.

Who knows?

To sum up my thoughts on this, Mornevenite seems to cover most bases regarding the time differential, both now, as I write, the ‘real time’ and that of the ‘pause time’. The time these words hang in the ether of the internet, waiting to be found by you, or…hopefully, the millions of other folk who will read, like and share this post, as you are going to do…. or not!

Unless you have another word we can use, or maybe a better idea of how we can communicate harmoniously and in synchronicity, over so many time zones I shall continue to use ‘Mornevenite’ because it works for me.

But please do let me know if you have anything better.

Thanks for reading this short, but hopefully thought provoking, post.

Why not take a peek at my short stories at  A Little More Fiction. I am sure you will find something you enjoy there.

Have a happy Mornevenite,  Paul.


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Written by Paul White


  1. It caught my interest since I have to deal with it every day – my husband Peter is in Germany and I am in Indonesia …. most of the time in a long distance relationship. So, nice post, Paul