Coincidences This Week

Sunday, 7.19.20

Yesterday morning, around 8 am, while getting ready to go to the yoga meetup, I heard many sirens blaring outside, although I wasn’t sure if it was an ambulance, paramedics, or fire engine. As I as driving out of my street, around 8:30 am, I noticed an accident ahead. It was at the intersection, between my street and the large park across the street from my townhouse. There were three cars involved, and it looked like a Mini Cooper’s front side was damaged. I didn’t see any people inside or being taken out. Maybe they were already out. But there was a green light, and I continued to drive to my destination.

I have noticed many car accidents happening on the street adjacent to my street for this year alone, although many other accidents happened on this street for the past 5 or 6 years. 

Later that day, while flipping through the indie channels, I noticed many Tom Hanks movies being shown. It looked like a Tom Hanks movie marathon, and they were constantly on the indie channels for around two months. He has been promoted a lot for the last couple of months, whether Youtube videos to expose his pedophilia life, weird instagram posts by Rita and Tom, or a sudden continuous bombardment of his movies on the indie channels.

Sunday morning, when I went to the yoga meetup, I continued to see bunch of litter from a fast food chain, scattered all over the grass and parking lot. I didn’t pick it up this time because people were arriving for yoga. I didn’t even see the maintenance people around. But this litter has been going on all week. 

The weather is nice this week, sunny and breezy. I continue to enjoy my outdoor workouts–yoga, walking, and riding my Huffy bicycle. 


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