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It occasionally takes a lighting bolt to jolt me out of my complacency; sometimes it is as simple as turning on the TV.  Most often it is something that I have read that breaks my heart into a few more pieces – or a photograph that I unearth while I’m cleaning out closets.  I should have paid attention to the fact that I had taken that frame and turned it upside down on a closet shelf, but I’m no where near that smart.  People come and go in our lives for so many reasons.  I had my heart broken last year because I lost some folks that I thought were family, and I never even got the chance to say good-bye.  I’m not sure that made the hurt stop throbbing any sooner, or that finding a visual reminder wasn’t a kick in the gut.  There are so many situations that are beyond our control. Hug the ones that you love a little bit tighter.


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Written by Cathy Donohoue


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