Charges Announced for 50 People Involved…

Saturday, 3.16.19

As I watch these videos, I notice that Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have been getting a lot of media coverage because of the college admission fraud scandal they were involved in to get their stupid kids into a prestigious college via their money and fame. I am also wonder if this is also a publicity stunt to promote their careers as actresses. I haven’t seen either one of them in any recent movie or TV show, even though I was never a fan of either one to begin with. I just remember Lori from the 90s sitcom, Full House, which wasn’t a big deal. The big stars of that sitcom was really the Olsen Twins as babies, playing the youngest, Michelle. 

#1 College Admission Scandal Explained

William Rick Singer bribes coaches and colleges to get rich and dumb kids into expensive colleges. Olivia Jade said in many videos that she has no interest in going to college. She just wants to party and have fun.

Mossimo scammed his own parents, and cheated his way through college.

The whole family has experience in scamming.

She adds a good example...a dumbass retard like George Bush went to Harvard and Yale...

#2 50 People Charged and Scandal Explained

This video explains how these parents achieved their scam, with the help of William Rick Singer, who helped the kids efficiently cheat their way through the admission process. They staged photographs, similar to what many celebrities do for their image. I am sure Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman have done such staging acts as actress for promotional purposes.

33 parents were charged, all over America, for bribing Singer to help them in some way get into expensive colleges. Singer plead guilty to racketeering charge.  Sephora Cosmetics dropped Olivia Jade from their collaboration because they don’t want to work with anyone who is a fraud and deception.

3 people were charged for organizing this scandal, as well as many others were charged for being somehow involved. 

#3 Lori Loughlin released on bond amid college admissions scandal

Lori Loughlin was released from jail on a million-dollar bond because she did it twice for both daughters. 

Felicity Huffman only did it once for one of her daughters. So, I guess, she had minor charges.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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