Changing up my workouts…

Friday, 1.4.18

I woke up early to take out the trash, before making Gumby’s breakfast. Then, I made espresso. I decided to go early to the gym because I wanted to work on the treadmill. So, I left at 10 am, but I sat in the sauna for a while to warm up. Then, I upstairs to notice it is already past 11 am. Although I clicked on the 5-mile trail, I realized I wouldn’t be able to do all the trail because yoga starts at noon. So, I walked only 2 miles, which is 30 minutes. Then, I went downstairs for one hour of yoga. It was a good workout today. ¬†Energizing…I returned home to make another raw vegan soup.

I have a walking meetup this evening, and it will probably be another 2-mile walk. The computer is still lagging, which is annoying…

I added a photo decor from the holidays, which is holiday aftermath. It also looks like a starburst fireworks.


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