Challenge Accepted!!

With only a week to spend in RMNP, I was very lucky to have friends that had moved to just outside the park entrance several years before, and knew the best places to take me. I was warned however that having just left sea-level “Home”, that I would undoubtedly have issues acclimating to the mile high valley area, then we would head up into the high range, and double the elevation.

Now I’m not biologist, but maybe our ancestry makes us more suitable to some climates and altitudes than others, but beyond belief, I found myself feeling GREAT! The nonstop energy flowed, maybe charged by the never ending, awe inspiring scenery that sprawled out in every direction for hundreds of miles. My first full day was just that, a Full Day!! Including the up and down of one of the 11k+ peaks in the range, and a close up meet and greet of my first glacier (next post) . I hope everyone can experience this place for themselves, and appreciate a pristine place, where pictures do no justice, to what the eye beholds.


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