Can It Be

Can it be?

That old-fashioned romance –

can still steal your heart away.

Can it be?

That candlelight and champagne,

mean so much more than pizza and cola.

Can it be that a starlit night

can make a kiss seem so right?

Or have we become immune –

to the stars and the moon that shine above.

Can a simple I love you,

still steal someone’s heart away?

Make them to a romantic melody sway.

Can good old rock and roll –

still, throw good loving your way?

Does a good rock and roll beat

and words full of love =

still, make for great kissing.

Can it be that putting it all together,

an old-fashioned love song,

along with some rock and roll,

shaken and not stirred –

make for true romance.

How does it make you feel?

When Dean gives a red rose to a blue lady

and Perry tells you that he loves you true?

Or is the right combination

to be found in a lighter beat?

When the Monkees sing about

girls named Mary, wishing that tomorrow would never come

and the Beatles want girls to love them too.

Now take that cocktail shaker,

be real careful,

shake it, shake it –

pour it into your heart and soul.

Have you got a feeling of real romance?

Do you want to tell someone you love them true

or do you need Bruce to inspire?

Perhaps Meatloaf can send your mind reeling,

while Billy sings with real feeling.

Either way, you look at it,

the way I see things is that if I want to be in the mood for love,

it still has to be moonlight and roses –

followed by a good dose of old time rock and roll.


What do you think?