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Blog: Casting for Fargo

I had the chance to cast for Fargo this past weekend. Despite it being cold, I had a ton of fun with other cast members. For this casting I am sided with the Cannon gang which is Loy Cannon, aka Chris Rock’s gang.  Pretty sweet opportunity that I jump on every chance I get when the opportunity presents itself and I’am not at my daily job. One of the coolest things about Casting for Fargo is being alongside known actor Chris Rock, plus seeing a couple other known actors on set.

The car that you see, as well as the car I’am sitting in is a 1941 Ford Woody. The car is a beauty on the outside, as well as on the inside. Me and the guys kept talking about how warm it was inside despite it being an older car and despite how long it was sitting outside prior to us getting in it without the heater running.  

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