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Beyond Ourselves – Questions…

Lately, after we had the Christchurch massacre, I realise that New Zealand is not  safe from world wide terrorism . It is not that I thought that it was safe, it was simply when some mad man would strike.

So what does it matter if in this world poor people die from type 2 diabetes because of a poor diet or that some people are homeless in the western world. People die every day from war and terrorism, so what is one more?

I care. I care about family violence, I care about people in the world who are suffering from a multitude of problems…I care because I am human. I care because when I look at your face as a human being I am looking at my Lord in heaven.

I can’t feed the world much as I want to. But I care about that and I will at least try to help one person at a time.

Can you read the weather by the skies? How is it that people can read the skies but we don’t know the signs of the times?

In this picture you see a picture of Manawatu skies, a different type of sky than of Auckland’s skies. The cloud patterns are different. In a way under different skies the people are still the same..I call a variety of all sorts…..

In this world New Zealand is different and yet the same..We are all after all human.

Who do we serve? ……We serve what we love most…….

#1 Manawatu Skies in Norsewood.

Founded as "Little Norway" in New Zealand in Manawatu.

They came as strangers and become New Zealanders and began a new life.

Just because they came to New Zealand it did not mean they did not have problems, unfortunately they had quite a few..

The biggest being isolation...

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#2 Auckland City

This is where I live, but over on the other side. I am taking this photo from North Head.

Not so isolated as the pioneers nor are we entirely separate from the world, just another city but fewer in population than most cities of the world.

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. I guess we’re so used to wars – like the “war” on the internet, the “war” in offices…etc and of course, really war that took lives. Maybe we’re too used to war and “fighting”, we forget that who we hurt or “killed” are humans with families too.

    Anything when done to extreme is never good, whether on the “good” or “bad” side of the scale.

  2. I had a philosophy teacher in college, who later became a dear friend (he died last year). He would always say this:

    We teach children to see the differences, to compete with others. We should be teaching them to see the person next to them as the same.

    I am my brother. I am my sister. I am a human.

  3. Sadly, we live in a period that is full of violence and terrorism … this is happening all over the world … we live a fairly safe … we are small and not interested in terrorists

  4. Violence is so widespread that in many places, it isn’t even news. People love to talk about the shootings in the US, but shootings are far more common in many places in the world. People hear about it a lot when it happens in the US just because the media overplays every incident. They don’t show the many times that crime, including violent crime, is prevented with guns. In the US, that happens something like 3 million times per year (compared to roughly 3,000 murders by guns in the US.) Even one murder is too many, but regardless of the tool used, murders have been going on ever since Cain killed Abel.

      • Yes and no. I think many people get hardened to the news to the point that it doesn’t have the impact it once did. It is a sad thing, but so many humans have a trait whereby if they hear the same sort of news over and over, there comes a time when they sort of tune it out. A tragedy is still a tragedy, but the impact is lessened.

        An analogy might be this: There is a train line/tracks that run through our small town. Many trains go through town on a daily basis and the law dictates that the engineer must blow the horn before every railroad crossing (there are 5 in town). That horn can be heard anywhere in town and we are just over 2 blocks from the nearest crossing. Yet, most of the time, I’m not even aware of a train or the train horn, night or day. I’ve simply grown so accustomed to it that I automatically tune it out unless I’m actually driving toward one of those railroad crossings.

        When we first moved here, though, I was keenly aware of every train and they would wake me up multiple times every night.

          • We also have the arms that come down, bells, and flashing lights in the US. However, by law, the engineer must blow the train horn when they approach any crossing. The horn is incredibly loud and can literally be heard for miles, so a person would have to be totally deaf not to hear it if they were coming up on a crossing.

            People are still killed by trains here, too, and it is normally because of the lack of judgment by the people. It takes a long time and a long distance to stop a fully loaded train that is a mile long. It isn’t a matter of not paying attention or getting so used to the trains that they are ignored. That part usually just happens if a person lives near the crossing and can hear the trains many times a day.

  5. Yes, it is world wide, but if the situation gets darker the stars get brighter.
    That is what we do as human beings some of us become bright stars, because every person combining their light can pull together and make a difference.
    No I don’t really believe in a utopia, but doing our best in our own place as I know we do, is a good move.

  6. When I heard of this shooting, I immediately thought of you. And so sad that many of us have always loved your country not only for its beauty, but also for the safety you have there. You rarely hear of this happening. But sadly it is starting to happen all over the world. Even in Australia it happens. It seems no country is completely immune.


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