BackRider – 1

Standing in front of St. Benedict Primary School stood Senior teacher  Mrs. Andrea Pearson.  She, along with a number of students, was waiting for the bus.

Mrs. Pearson  stood in her prim dress, which was older than a few of the students, wearing her re-heeled shoes,  thinking about what she would cook that evening for dinner.

Shooting  down the opposite side of the road was a new BMW which came to an abrupt stop.  

“Miss!”  Shouted the driver, popping out in a tiny pair of shorts and thin blouse which proved she wore no bra.   “It’s me!  Keisha!”

Mrs. Pearson  nodded, as cars came to a stop, some beeping, some drivers shouting, for Keisha had stopped rather unexpectedly and awkwardly.  

“You better go,”   Mrs. Pearson said forcing a smile, indicating the drivers with her chin.

Keisha returned the smile, revealing her gold tooth, which matched the cow chain around her neck.

Then, waving wildly, Keisha jumped back into her car, and beeping loudly drove off.

Mrs. Pearson took a breath as the children asked her who that was.


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Written by jaylar

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