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Is it back linking, spamming or you trying to trick me?

Here is a question for you- Are you enjoying visiting and reading your friends’ posts? Writing a comment on your friends’ posts brings them back to your posts and that is a way of registering your presence. I think that is also important with back linking point of view as well. But if you up vote my post without even opening my post- just what is that?

I think the wise guys have always used various ways of reminding you about their presence felt and what is better than a reminder coming in your email in form of a reminder of a comment! However I am dead against when someone subscribes to your posts without even reading it. That is nothing but the worst kind of spamming in my views.

I think most of you know what I mean so I will not go in detail. As far I am concerned I never go back to check even their profile because I know their intention. I use my memory for return visits on your post!


What do you think?


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