Baby Bear Awakens

It is the time of year when the bears come out of hibernation.  I run an outreach called Baby Bear. We give diapers, wipes, new outfits, gently used clothing, blankets, books and toys to whoever shows up. I really do think that folks quit hibernating around me as we had so many new folks show up this morning. This mission reaches out to those less fortunate because some of you donate money, clothing and diapers for us to distribute to help those in need in our surrounding community. Shepherd Chemical Company is currently collecting diapers and wipes for us as their community outreach. How cool is that? If you are reading this you probably know where the need is greatest around you. Do something; reach out; donate your time or your treasure.  I promise that you are the one that will leave with the biggest smile on your face.


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Written by Cathy Donohoue

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