Awesome Gifts to Surprise Your 17-year-old Girl

From beginning to explore their identity to taking their final classes in high school, seventeen-year-old girls teeter the line between childhood and adulthood. Girls at this age are bright-eyed towards the ever-elusive adventures of adults and insist on leaving their old childish ways behind. This makes it difficult for anyone to figure out which kind of gift teenagers would love to have. Ideal gifts for a 17-year-old teenage girl are those who help her with the difficult transition into adulthood.

A gift item that has a unique sense of style helps make any girl look savvy and put a smile on her face. Since a huge part of growing up is exploring your identity, a gift that reflects their unique style will aid her journey into womanhood. With toys and dolls being thrown into ever-growing donation piles, something that would help her embrace growing interests or developing skills will surely interest a teen.

You can count on our 21 best gifts for a 17-year-old teenage girl to act as a guide in helping you find something she will really love.

Top Gifts For A 17 Year Old by Category

If your 17-year-old has got a driving license, then she will probably want to own a car in the near future. Of course, we are not suggesting to buy your child a car, unless of course, you can afford to. Rather, purchase items to make driving fun, such as steering wheel covers or car mats and seat covers. These items can work as an extension of her style and help to personalize a car as her own. If you want to get something really practical and important, consider a roadside emergency kit.

Teens would definitely appreciate these types of gifts. An MP3 player, Apple laptop, or even a solar battery pack will definitely be greatly received. If you want to be considered a hero, then getting her a new cell phone is sure to do the trick! Along with the new cell phone, your teen can pick a phone case that reflects her unique sense of style. You might also like to consider items such as digital cameras – great if your teen has an interest in photography, and her cellphone camera isn’t quite good enough.

The items in this category always seem to interest teens. Surprising her with tickets to a fashion show or even getting her some new clothing would be great. If she is a fashion addict, consider gifting her a subscription to a fashion magazine to inspire her. You could also give your teen a gift card to her favorite clothing stores. With it, she is free to explore how she would like to dress in the future.

Selecting a suitable gift for a 17-year-old can be quite overwhelming. When buying the gift, keep in mind that she is in the process of building her identity. With the items listed above, you will no longer have trouble figuring out what she would like. Good luck!


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