Avoiding mediocrity – 7/5/17

1. Always choose to progress. If you are not moving forward, then you are moving backward. Staying in neutral means that the rest of the world will pass you by.

2. Take time to rest. Do not overwork because extra time will be lost in the future due to unnecessary recuperation from fatigue.

3. Always look to help others. Helping others opens the door in the future so that others will help you when an unfavorable circumstance or an unexpected situation pops up within your life.

4. Enjoy what you create. You must love what you create before others can gain an appreciation of your work.

5. Look to dominate in life. The key to dominion within your life is to know your true identity. You do not view yourself how others view you. Know who you really are so that your sphere of influence will continue to expand.

6. Put that extra flair into whatever you make. Instead of making things in a mundane fashion, create things with your own unique touch that is different from the norm.

7. Get proper rest. Proper rest allows for you to maintain your dominance upon this earth. You will not slip if you obtain enough rest. The right amount of sleep will allow for you to remain refreshed and alert. That allows for you to take advantage of opportunities immediately instead of letting those important moments pass you by.

8. Stop crying about lack. You have all of the resources necessary now in order to progress forward on a daily basis. The problem is that you need to recognize that the solutions to your problems are right around you.

9. Eat properly. Eating the right amount of food will allow for you to remain in a state of vitality. Not eating enough causes a person to lose energy. Eating too much leads to obesity.

10. Fulfilling your daily goals will eventually lead to you fulfilling your long-term goals. Every day is like a puzzle piece. Each piece creates the framework necessary for that particular assignment you are working on in order to reach completion in the future.


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Written by ahol888

Coolest dwarf in the world. Expert on the topic of mediocrity.