Avoiding Mediocrity – 7/1/17

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Let’s start the second half of the year off right by avoiding mediocrity.

1. Show goodness to others. Bring light into the lives of others. Be good to others so that others will be good to you whenever adversity arises. Be a jerk to others and be left out in the cold when circumstances become unfavorable within your life.

2. Do not allow for darkness to creep within your life. Remain vigilant about keeping your attitude upbeat despite of all of the crazy things that are happening within the world today.

3. Positioning determines illumination. The higher you choose to climb within life, the more light you can bring into the lives of others. The sun shines throughout the entire world every day because of its positioning.

4. Discern between good and evil. So many people walk around with disguises and facades. Use your discernment to stay away from those who walk around with a false bravado.

5. Keep learning. Take the time to learn something new each and every day. Never allow for your mind to become stagnant like the mediocre masses.

6. Keep yourself refreshed. Fatigue inhibits production. Find the proper balance between work and rest within your life. Do not be lackadaisical, but do not overwork as well.

7. Your words impact your creativity. The more positive words that come out of your mouth will allow for your creativity to increase. Optimism causes a person to actively search for solutions to problems.


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