August Sunshine

Saturday, 8.1.20

As I drove out of my garage this morning, I noticed a bright sunshine outside at 8:30 am.  It was already warm and sunny this early. The sun was so bright that it was blinding. I drove to the yoga meetup. 10 people showed up. It was hot, but very peaceful and meditative. I felt very focused, as I did each pose. I also had remembered to put some sunblock on my face, shoulders and arms.  I think August is going to be the hottest month, as usual, because the sun is usually brighter and stronger. I should probably swim more this month.

I also noticed there were many people at their park, whether walking, jogging, cycling, or walk their dog. As I drove home, I noticed a lot of cyclists out today. 

I decided to drop by Wholesome Choice to get some stuff. I also bought some takeout from the food court at the grocery store. I bought some Indian food.

I had painted my fingernails light green because it looks like my birthstone peridot.


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