Ash Wednesday, 1984…

March 14,1984 Fall River, Massachusetts

Kathe Camara called me from Fall River to tell me that Bodeke had been hit by a car in front of her apartment & killed. I called out sick from work, hopped into my 1976 Dodge Aspen & flew down 128 & Route 24 to join her. We spent several hours reminiscing about the wonderdog who loved us unconditionally. We wept that little Jacob would not remember this amazing dog. It was a time of grief &  high emotions. I cooked some pasta. As we ate we shared recollections of Bodeke and our travels with us.  Kathe rocked Jacob to sleep and put him in his crib. I washed the dishes. She asked me to draw a warm bath. She lit some patchouli incense and a lavender candle. I was about to leave when she reached for my hand & said “Come in”.  A flood of hot sweet kisses mingled with  laughter after we paid a last tribute to the Bodeke. We finally left the tub and headed to Kathe’s bedroom. She lit two more candles & wrapped her arms around me.  I swore I’d  be as faithful as Bodeke and love and protect her forever…

We were unaware that this event would draw us closer & that night would change our relationship in ways we could not predict. We shared a few ecstatic weeks together like never before, then a break that left me shattered & took a decade to get over.


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Written by PaulPallazola