As Others See You – 7

Lek did not understand that posting these images of his dancing didn’t make his wife regret divorcing him, it made her rejoice.

What woman, leaving her husband, would have second thoughts when his next ‘love’ was so far beneath her  it caused wonderment that she could have ever been married to a man with  such ‘standards?’

I wanted to say something to Lek about it, but where were the right words?   How could I say that this young female he was grinding with looked like trash, and he looked like a ‘client’?

I couldn’t.

In the emails I tried to write of uncharged topics, but it was only blah blah.

He wrote of getting a minor job that he considered a stop gap.   I knew that his attitude would not be kept to himself, so was not surprised when he was again  fired.


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Written by jaylar

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