As Others See You – 5

When Lek was returned to his country a number of things happened.

Firstly, his wife left him.   It was one thing to put up with a smarmy know it all who resided in a mansion and another to have to live with him in his parent’s house

Over the years she had taken the neglect and dismissive behaviour, because of the money. Without the money, she no longer had a reason.

The Second event was of his own actions.  Annoyed his contract had not been renewed and he was shipped home and dropped in rank, he quit the company.   He thought there would be jobs available.  There weren’t.

The Third event unexpected.   Lek did not appreciate the multi-national would not give him a glowing review,  so he couldn’t get the top jobs he wanted and had to grab what was offered.

This seemed to suggest, that despite the dreams he had, he would never be coming back here.


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Written by jaylar

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