April Birthday Gift Ideas Shopping List

It’s that time of the year again: the spring is just around the corner and the weather is finally turning for the better. As a direct consequence everyone’s spirits are lifted and we want to gladden and cheer up our beloved ones. Those who are born in April are definitely gonna make the most out of this!

Sharpen your pencils (this should probably read: get your phones ready), pay close attention and take notes, ’cause we are going to give you some of the best birthday gift ideas for all the Aries and Tauruses (or Tauri, if you prefer Latin) out there.

Various Accessories

We start off with some can’t-miss presents. We rarely buy stuff like socks, ties, and underwear for ourselves, so it’s a good indication that the person will be very grateful and pleased with these kinds of gifts.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should go straight to the first mall and buy some plain white undies and expect the birthday girl or a boy to be in seventh heaven jumping with joy. Be ready to put a little extra effort and buy some nice looking, out of ordinary socks or undies.

You also want to consider buying some bed-sheets, kitchen gadgets, day planners, body warmers, etc.

Flower Bouquets and Other Plants

Before buying any kind of present, you want to thoroughly investigate a person’s preferences and likings. If the individual is a plant aficionado, there’s no better gift than a bouquet of flowers or some other indoor or outdoor greenery.

For a person born in April, you want to go with sweet pea and daises bouquet, as they signify purity, harmony, and innocence.


Show your affection or appreciation by carefully selecting some good chocolate. If you have trouble picking the right one, or you want to up the notch or two when it comes to leaving a good impression with your gift, opt for the professionals like those at Gift Rebellion .

Chocolate is one of the easiest choices to make when it comes to deciding on a birthday gift. Whether a person is a woman or a man, young or old – you can’t go wrong with chocolate, simply because everyone loves a good taste of finely crafted cocoa delight!


They say all kinds of things about the diamonds: that they are forever, that they are a girl’s best friend. If you feel like forking out a large sum of money, diamonds, and jewelry, in general, are probably the best option.

Consider putting a personalized text on a locket or a tag that goes along with the necklace. You can also do this with watches, wrist straps, rings, and even some earrings.

Drinks: Wines and Spirits

Seriously think about buying some good quality drinks for someone’s birthday. You also want to put time into it and do research before ordering or buying these types of things.

Wine is always a sound choice in these situations and they say for a reason that someone ages well like a good wine. That particular saying applies to the most ’hard drinks’ or spirits as well.

The important thing to remember is not to go cheap when getting someone drinks for a birthday. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you want to go with customized presents, which leads us to the next idea.

DIY Gifts and Budget-Friendly Presents

Customized presents and DIY gifts are a great choice if you have a restricted budget. Not only are these gifts inexpensive and affordable, but they can produce an equally gleeful reaction from your loved ones.

With these types of gifts you’re not just swiping your credit card and buying the most expensive thing in a store that you randomly stumbled upon, but you’re showing your love with putting some extra time and thought to your present. The right person will undoubtedly appreciate and value this greatly.

Now, as far as the actual present goes, this could really be anything. From a customized greeting card, wall art, to a photo frame containing a picture of a memorable event that you had together.

Salt baths, nice soaps, and shower gels are also both affordable and disarming options to consider. Salt baths can also be DIY. The key thing is to add your magic touch to it.

Some Out-of-the-Ordinary Home Things

Have you ever been to one of those apartments where you just can’t keep your hands away from different intriguing-looking things and gadgets? It’s an early indication that they have some cool friends, as it’s the most likely scenario that they didn’t buy those things themselves. So, don’t hesitate to be one of those amusing friends!

Be bold enough and opt for some peculiar/ strange/ weird/ quirky/ unusual stuff when it comes to buying a birthday gift. From a long distance friendship lamp to a beeropoly. The more unconventional and eccentric the gift – the better!


Those were some of the ideas to consider while buying a birthday present for your friends, family members or a significant other. Be sure not to forget that April is that time of the year where everything starts to come alive. Use that as an excuse to be more daring than usual when it comes to buying a gift, but at the same time be aware of the particular person’s tastes and proclivities.


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Fitness expert and DIY junkie! A native to Melbourne, I now live in Sidney where I spend my days writing and taking care of my 900 square feet garden.

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