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Another Year of Broken Resolution

At the end of every year or at the beginning of a year, people he down to business of setting goals or things to accomplish by the end of the year. They reflect on the previous year as to whether they had accomplished anything or it was another that ran to waste, creating a sense of regret.

Sadly, seldom do many of us remember to write down our resolutions for the coming year. We live our lives like an individual who doesn’t know where he’s going as long as any road will take him to any destination. They commit their lives to nature, to events to dictate where to end up.

For the rest of us who come up with resolutions, we hope the resolutions will act as a reminder there are things we need to accomplish before the end of the year though, again sadly, do a few of is remember to carry through our resolutions. Some will have forgotten they have ever made resolutions and others will have accomplished a certain percentage, which isn’t that bad.

It is that time of the year again when new resolutions are made, new promises and wishes are made. But, will they have breathe into life? How will this new year be?

Hmm, it’s left to be seen how this year will end up like.

Happy New Year.


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Written by Benny

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